Sanskrit : Yava, Hindi : Java, Marathi : Satu, Tamil: Barliarist, Telugu:Pachcha yavalu.



Barley is grown in many states in India, dry peeled off grain and the seeds are used in medicine.

Barley contains fat, starch, albumin, cellulose and ash contains various acids, iron. Give this as a nutritive food during convalescence about 100 Gms barley boiled in 4 liters of water and reduced to 2 liters. Barley is diuretic, brings clear urine and useful in fevers. Add Sugar and little lime to it otherwise, it can be prepared in milk in cases of mucus colitis, or simple diarrhoea with fever use it as nutrient and give it to women after delivery. Barley is also good for diabetic patients and can take the place of normal food where rice avoided. A well-known medicine prepared from barley known as yavakshra, which is effective in urinary disorders and renal calculus.

Give in dose of 520 mg with coconut water or other suitable drink morning and evening. According to some authorities, barley has a laxative value and hence it is not to given in excess to those who have loose bowels.

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